Proud to be a Canadian. Not only today, but today especially.

“Canada is the what in what’s new.” 

Would have reblogged this on the 1st if I could have.  I could never live anywhere else but here.

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Looks like I’ll be officially able to transfer to the Kingston Chapters for work during the school year!

Super puuuumped, but sad to leave my Barrie Chapters again </3

Also the Kingston one is right next to an ice cream shop and I’m going to get faaattt.

Just got home from a trip to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.  We saw some beautiful places.  We visited Halifax, Chester, Peggy’s Cove, and Lunenburg in NS and St. Johns in Newfoundland.  It felt good to be so close to the sea.  I ate so much lobster!  We were also in Halifax for Canada Day, which, as expected, was absolutely exploding with festive spirit and celebration.


Now that I’m home from Europe I’m not entirely sure what to do with this blog… just make it my personal/school blog?? idkkkkkkkkkkk
I’d probably have to change the url since I’m no longer at the castle lol 

BlackBerry Bold 9900 Bug

As if this is the phone I just got two days ago… and as if this has already happened to me.



Noooooo RIP Blackberry Bold 9900 :(  
Guess I’m going back to the Bell store today… 


The How To Be British Collection.


The How To Be British Collection.

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Woke up to a snow covered world today.  Oh, Canada, how I have missed you <3

Omg I’m flying home in less than 10 hours gfjdkgh;lgfdflg